about us

TeacherTrain has been set up to bring together a group of highly experienced education, development and business specialists who are committed to sharing their knowledge to help others develop their talents and communities.

As a group we have a vast amount of experience in teacher training, teaching, education management, policy development and analysis, organisational development, monitoring and evaluation and the technologies of the world that drive rapid change. Our skills allow us to bring creative and lasting improvements to even the most complex areas and geographies through targeted workshops, motivation seminars (we all need them from time to time), skills development training and specialist advice.

We’re committed to creating a journey that brings the best out of the people we meet, we’re not here to dictate the path to well-being but to work with the people we meet and be a part of our evolution, our shared journey.


tt_card_annaA self-confessed addict to learning, education, training and well-being both personally and as an enabler for others.

Having taught and trained in a variety of contexts and many different countries for the past 10 years Anna strives to create a deeper mutual understanding beyond cultural differences and building interpersonal relationships with others.

‘After completing an MA in disaster management followed by work with the police, I felt the need to work in a more positive environment and truly make a difference, to not simply be a sticking plaster on the wound. Through overseas travel I found my destiny and my career as an English teacher. After many years teaching, an MA in applied linguistics and a diploma in English language teaching (DELTA) I have developed the skills and passion for teacher training, focusing on accelerated learning, learning strategies, NLP and autonomy in learning.’




tt card rb 1Monitoring and evaluation, big data, analytics, data visualisation, development, systems thinking and project management are just a few of the skills that Richard brings to a project. He comes with over two decades of experience implementing innovative solutions to complex issues in both public and private sectors in a variety of global locations (North and South).

I guess I have a passion for making the world a more sustainable place, from recycling bottletops at home to analysing solutions to global systemic issues. I want to ensure the huge efforts of people around the world are effective in creating better lives for themselves and a better world for all of us to share. I’ve been surrounded by educators from an early age and like many teachers’ children I set off on a very different career path. However, we can’t escape our past. Education and its fundamental place in contributing to the development of individuals, communities and our shared future have captivated my attention, my research and more recently my work projects too.